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Here at Days With Zahrah, we are in love with travel. It is a dream come true for us to explore the world's culture and every day we take a walk throughout history. Further, we are thrilled to film each and every interview, because connecting with people is really what we do. So whether we are showcasing one of our favorite wedding venues in wine country, chatting with celebs like Clint Eastwood, or dining on the cobble streets of Puerto Rico, we are ultimately discovering and sharing with others.




Meet the Team



Zahrah Farmer


Douglas Gey

senior producer & director of photography

Antoinette Broussard

consulting producer


Martha Brown

coordinating producer


Zada Kerimova

Art Design & webmaster


Ernie Galvez

Consulting Producer, & On Camera Foodie Expert


Amber Picou

director of the days with zahrah empowerment seminars


Jamal Jeanpiere

marketing consultant


Will E. Chapman

associate producer


Tatum Willoughby

associate producer


Faiza Ali

Camera operator & staff photographer


Hasan Broussard

Camera operator


Leo Chan



Capriece Batchelor



Lucas De Silva



Thomas Pham





















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